Don’t Clap, Vote.

Daniel Switzer

When I read that the “Clap for Heroes” was returning this Thursday, my eyes rolled back so hard that I almost pulled a muscle. What I thought was going to be an unpopular opinion, that clapping outside your doorstep once a week actually does very littleto help and is actually just a weird, cult-like thing we seem to have normalised, turned out to be a widely shared thought.

Let’s just preface this by saying, of course, showing your appreciation for teachers, carers, parents, nurses and so forth, is obviously not intrinsically a bad gesture of support. Amazingly, we don’t live in a binary world where things are either one way or another!

But the idea of clapping to the cold, sterile air on your doorstep every evening is as performative an action as posting a black square on your Instagram in support of Black Lives…

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